To be the laurel

A 6x3 ft installation weaving used to evoke the airy and grounded movements in tree bark, inspired by the myth of apollo and daphne.

My project for weaving one was based on the myth of apollo and daphne. By starting my exploration in the RISD nature lab object started with looking at bark. The myth is that apollo saw daphne and was overcome by her beauty, he chased her through the country side and daphne prayed to Gia the mother of the earth to save her from him. Gia granted her wish by transforming her into a laurel tree just as apollo grasped her.
I focused my weaving on the moment of transformation, the tangible textures found in the bark with illuminative quality of greek mythology. 
By weaving with different thicknesses on monofillament in combination with a twill, I was able to create a sweeping texture throughout the piece. 
Samples and material studies:
Woven with Monofillament and hot glue forms
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